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About us

Canvy is a great contact manager app that provides an intuitive and effective means to communicate. The Canvy users connect through our contact app’s centralized interface and quickly reach their desired contacts, using the best available communication channel. Canvy enables this by aggregating information about which channels are likely to be most successful for calling, texting, posting or emailing a specific contact.

Reimagine the way you contact people

Canvy manages the user’s communication needs excellently. This contact manager provides an accessible, context-sensitive interface via which you can reach the desired interlocutor in just a few taps..

Manage your communication channels

Canvy is a quick, effective contact app! Manage your agenda and contact your peers via the communication channel most likely to be successful at a given time, using Canvy’s features!

Everything in one place

Canvy is a great contact manager app that provides an intuitive and effective means to communicate. The Canvy users connect through our contact app’s centralized interface and they quickly reach their desired contacts, using the best available communication channel.

Communication & privacy made simple

It could be that during a meeting, a user is best likely reached via text message – or via a third-party messenger app such as Facebook, WhattsApp or Google Hangouts. Make sure that you communicate on your own terms by using our contact app – connecting in an enjoyable way is now just a matter of a couple of taps!


We put our best efforts into making your Canvy experience flawless.

Relevance first

Your in-app contact canvas is continuously updated, based on the relevance of your contacts, which keeps it responsive to your personalized communication needs

GO! in one TAP

All your preferred communication tools are one tap away. Just tap and call, text, email or post exactly the way you like!

Following you

Canvy is an adaptive contact app that learns from its users’ behavior

Personalize your canvas

Canvy reflects your personality via customizable settings and an easily shareable communication profile. The contact canvas can be quickly configured as you please

Canvas effect

All communication features in one canvas: scrollable contacts, default communication channels and notifications – all available in different views

Born visual

Identify contacts based on profile pictures. Your screen displays the desired contacts and reaching them it’s very easy – just tap and go!

Privacy for real

Control which information goes public and which details are kept private

1-to-1 shares

Share information while staying in full control of your contacts and profile with Canvy’s 1-to-1 sharing functionalities

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Why Canvy?

Canvy is the contact app that brings all the valuable information at your fingertips, for an enjoyable and personalized communication experience. Our contact app also safeguards your privacy. Key differentiating features for a contact manager include proprietary algorithms for context-aware views, continuous contact sync and complex privacy control.


Our contact app memorizes your preferred communication channels for each contact

Canvy enables fast communication in just one tap, via the handy contextual menu


Tile-based design of contacts interface


Canvy safeguards your privacy by sharing only the public information & what you deem shareable


Invite your friends to connect via Canvy, by using our private invitations system


This app is realy nice! On my phone, a Samsung one, I replaced the contact book and – finally – I don’t have to press 100000 clicks to dial a number!

— Zsolt Bodora

I’m out of tutorial mode and using it as normal. It’s really cleaned up my phone, so I thank you for that! :-)

— Leo Chapman

Amazing. What ever nice surprised.

— Amir Swain

I was looking for this app for so long I’m glad that it’s different from the other contact apps. I like it, and I hope it becomes more refined and smoother in the future updates.

— Ankur Tripathi


Have a question? Please check out our FAQ section – we’re always looking to answer our users’ queries and be as helpful as we can. 


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We want to thank all of you which contribute to Canvy’s development with your valuable input! We are open to changes in our contact app’s product development road-map, based on valuable user feedback. The following contributors list will be constantly updated to give recognition to the Canvy friends and power users that share their ideas with us.

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