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Who else is redesigning their communication app? – Canvy Team -selected tech news

Hello to all our readers! While browsing through last week’s notable news, we decided to see the details of a couple of MFST announcements. One of them in particular is of interest for us at this moment – and we will unveil our main reason later on in this post.

Microsoft and its spotlight news – hardware

First, let’s take a look at a couple of hardware news.

The company managed to keep their audience engaged last week, with its new lineup of Surface devices. You may see here a 60 second cut of a new dedicated ad. Not every rumor about these devices is positive, though: Forbes highlights the unpleasant “lack of repairability” characterizing the 2017 Surface Pro laptop, designed in a way that mimics Apple technology – in what the repairing is concerned.

Yet another MFST innovation is the Microsoft Modern Keyboard, featuring a hidden fingerprint sensor. Aiming to make passwords a thing of the past – at least for the users which enjoy biometric authentication, this new keyboard looks and feels a bit MacBook – like, as Daily Mail puts it.

Microsoft recent news – software

It seems we’ve entered a summer for significant updates, upgrades and for refreshing the look of certain applications – a thing we are most interested about.

Pix, the Microsoft camera app on iOS camera app, just took the idea of photo embellishing to a new level (new for Pix, customary for third-party apps that revolved around filters, photo enhancements and style filters – think the Prisma photo editing app, for example).

And last, yet not least, Skype will undergo a major redesign. The company unveiled the new look earlier this month, and we can see how they are going from the specific look towards one more in tone with the appearance of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Snapchat. Is this how the desire to blend in looks like? Or is it that a certain visual aspect of what the communication apps are concerned proved to be the winning formula?

Going from cute to complex and discrete – this is how this move is perceived by some. True as it might be that we go on certain networks to reconnect with friends and discover groups based on interests, common activities or shared values – as adults we all spend a lot of time engaged in professional activities. A certain “attire” slowly works its way into the visual elements we are most attracted to – a nuance of seriousness gains momentum. In other words, although the fun and bright design lures people towards an app, classy visuals do win in the long run.

What do you think about the way certain apps modifies their look or logo? As you may have noticed on Facebook, here at Canvy we are in the process of implementing a major upgrade, looks included. Stay tuned to find out exactly when, and in the meantime, let us know your ideas on this subject at

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Pushing for human-machine voice interaction, the Microsoft way, reported by the Canvy Team

The future of technology is already here – or at least that’s the message the tech giants convey to their audience with each opportunity they get.

The latest rumors linked to what users are invited, if not pushed to do, by a major company, come from Microsoft.

In the context of the re-released KB3150513 Windows patch, which prepares older system versions for the Windows 10 creators update, it seems that the company has some serious modifications in mind in what their AI assistant, Cortana, is concerned. But bear in mind, this is a report about an unannounced feature update.


How Cortana is doing so far

Despite the Microsoft claims that Cortana usage is high, this estimate is a bit over-inflated, since it takes into consideration the feature’s employment by unaware users. This means that Windows search goes through Cortana and is counted as such, although the users don’t intend to use the help of this digital tool.

The overall impression is that users do not enjoy using Cortana instead of the classical computer interaction systems. The attempts to disable it became fewer, once its location was in the system tray – and it did not get in the way as much as when it was in the taskbar.

The recent rumors concern the fact that Microsoft is looking for a way to revamp Cortana and make it “more conversational”, aka to discourage users from ignoring it. With the aforementioned reserve that these rumors may prove to be true – or not, such a move confirms that the voice-activated AI assistant is not doing as expected in terms of usage and popularity.


Communication means – a matter of acquired taste?

Each revolutionary moment in communications has had its enthusiasts and its skeptics. The thing is, not all of us are alike – some enjoy voice communications, others thrive when it comes to writing messages or texts. However, with modern tools there is just one main way to go, sometimes. Therefore, those who are more reluctant have to be lured in the new trend via ingenious ways. And that’s where strategy matters.

Take for example the way visual communications, as well as providing relevant information via videos, have made their way into the Internet environment. This medium seemed entertainment-prone at the beginning, yet nowadays it is employed in business communications, large-scale marketing and education. Even those who did not naturally enjoyed it have learned to appreciate its value.

Therefore, the way we communicate may well be an acquired taste. From the traditional audio to the more evolved audio-video we all carry on our devices now, trends and habits have succeeded each other. Not all trends have emerged naturally – and the strategy beneath some has proven extremely complex.


Not all innovation is successful, but cleverly designed innovation holds this potential

The matter combines concepts, their materialization, the right moment and a lot of financial considerations. There are ideas that do not meet the needs that emerge from the live momentum – they may experience a glorious comeback later on or become a failure. There are great concepts that poorly materialize, but also under-financed or over-financed ideas.

Cleverly designed concepts are bound to succeed. It is always interesting to see how their road to success looks like, and what strategy comes to the rescue when their audience is reluctant to adopt new habits or new approaches to evergreen things.

Brand-user communication may just fuel the right strategy moves, from details that matter to bigger elements that might just re-shape the user experience.

That being said, the Canvy Team always appreciates your opinions and suggestions – just send them at Let us know what you like the most, what you would want to find out more about and what you think we could improve.