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From voice to text, to voice again – are communication skills changing?

In a recent feature on their website, WSJ proclaims that phone calls are dead, and their function now goes to the voice chat, or, to be more precise, to your VoIP software of choice.

Seems like texting has lost some of its appeal, while phone calling is just appealing to telecom providers. The audience migrated further on the Internet and back to voice communications with the VoIP (Voice over IP) technology – and again the rules and habits change once more.

Oh, and now there is another thing – recording your voice messages and sending them as you would do with the texts. All the warmth of your voice, without the constraints of small talk…


The ever-changing, ever-elusive communication


Great communication skills – now that’s a thing a lot of people aspire to. It’s not the first time we brushed this subject, in close relation with our contact management app. Because it helps to have a digital ally in this fight for best practices. Who to call, when, and on what channel – that may indeed be a dilemma. Of course, with an algorithm in the mix such decisions may become easier.

But no longer that we have used our minds to compute the latest trends in communications, that a new generation brings its own preferences to the table. Or is it the same generation, in a new phase?

Regardless of the driving factor, communication just cannot be pinned in a static manner. As a butterfly that would duplicate itself and fly away from the Insectarium each time the collector tries to close the cover, the main means of communication just cannot stand still.


Perhaps it’s just a matter of percentages


I read somewhere that introverts highly appreciate the text communications, because they reduce the unpredictability that infuses phone calls. A text can be taken in at your own time, and there is less pressure on what the reaction speed is concerned. Of course, the dreaded “seen” markup has made quite a few ravages, but still, texting feels more comfortable than calling when it comes to introvert people.

Now, we used to have discussions centered on the idea that the 80s “geeks” are now tech leaders. Perhaps the next step would see the temporary minority alpha types coming back into the limelight in bigger numbers. It only makes sense that for example texting would not be enough for such characters. Phone calling would probably not be their first choice either, not when they have free VoIP calling… Makes sense, right?

Depending on the majority percentage (in terms of personality types, social types and so on), we might witness an alternation of favorite means of communications.


The communication constants


Whatever the communicating means we fancy (as we’ve seen above, these tend to vary over time), if we stick to a couple of golden rules, we have strong chances to come through as skilled communicators.

What do we have to pay attention to? Again, we looked online for a coherent, preconfigured answer. This time, we skimmed through an article from Grammarly that points out that we should hone the following skills:

  • Listening
  • Clarity
  • Openness
  • Empathy
  • Energy

To quote the same source “developing good communication skills enables a person’s intelligence and ideas to shine through. It’s worth the effort”.

How about training one of the skills above each week, starting from now?