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Mapping the global tech – where are the most important startup players located?

It all started with one of our collegues being curious about startups, unicorns, the most important players in the field and their geographical location.

As we live in an age where you can find something about anything online (unless you need to dig deeper, and find some unique research data), we Googled it.


The Startup Blink map


We found a website that maps the global startup ecosystem. Their research center provides all the data needed “to draw comparisons, view rankings, and make better informed business decisions”.

The startup ecosystem rankings here feature the strongest startup hubs in the world, but also show the smaller cities and countries the chance that are significant in the global picture.

Not all features are accessible without registration, but, for a quick glance, this platform is satisfactory enough. You may check it out here.


Segmented startup maps


Segmented can be local, as in concerning specific world regions – we ran a search by this criteria, too.

Here is a Canadian startups map, a “crowdsourced map of the emerging technology scene in Canada”, where community members can edit and claim places.

It can also be by type of startups. CBInsights features this type of maps – here is a “state of US insurance tech startups”, while on this page you may find out which are the “top travel tech startups around the globe”.

If you have in mind a certain location and search for it, you may find specific startups maps. For example, such a map is available for Raleigh.

For those of you interested in the highest values and performance, you can go back to CBInsights and see this beginning of 2018 map focused on the most funded VC-backed tech startups (the map featured at the beginning of our article).


Is your tech business part of any of these maps? Do you have any other examples of tech startup maps? (Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a comprehensive online map for our region.As startups are gaining traction here, perhaps it’s only a matter of time.)