The Canvy Team answers your questions

Hello to all the Canvy users out there! As you may have noticed, we are considering your input on the way our app performs, and we continuously work on new tweaks or even new features that could make our users happier.


On this line, this week’s post is dedicated to a few answers to our users’ suggestions. We chose some of the most recent feedback lines you sent:


  1. “Should include merging duplicates.” – we are working on this in the future, thank you for confirming such a feature is indeed useful via your suggestion;


  1. “I would like better compatibility with my people edge via Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.” – could you please detail this by sending more information to


  1. “Use location data to suggest contacts.” – we do not have this feature yet in our plans, but we will consider it.


  1. “I can’t delete people from home screen.” – this feature is already at your disposal, and here is the walk-through:
  • You need to go to your settings and make sure that Tap Behavior> Channel List is activated; only then you may use Edit Mode>Long tap on contact>Delete (or) Edit Mode>Simple Tap>Second Screen>Delete Contact;
  • When Settings>Tap Behavior>Default Channel is activated in your settings, deleting contacts only works with Long tap, when in Edit mode


  1. Allow me to select multiple contacts to delete at once.” – this feature is already at your disposal, and here is the walk-through:
  • For multiple contact deletion, you need to access the Selection Mode via Double tap on a contact; then you may select multiple contacts to delete all at once via Edit Mode (select from down below screen) > Long Tap> Delete Contacts; a dialogue will show up asking you to confirm the multiple deletion action, then the command is performed.


  1. “Really looking for a tool that will alert me to when I haven’t had contact with someone in a defined amount of time. Biggest feature I am after.” – we do have in mind future widgets touching this subject, so follow our channels for related updates.


  1. Call logs – we do plan on adding this feature, so follow our updates and future releases.


Once again, we thank you all for your feedback. Some of your messages reached our support mail address and got private answers. Please use the communication channel you find most suitable to contact us, from our email addresses or to the Contact Forms and the in-app surveys – and let us know what we can do better!