A quick video intro to Canvy

Canvy aims to provide its users with an intuitive and effective means to communicate by giving them a centralized interface from where they can quickly reach their desired contacts using the best available communication channel. It does this by aggregating information about which channels are likely to be most successful for contacting a given user at a given time.

Canvy | Your communication canvas We put our best efforts into making your Canvy experience as streamlined as possible. To make it easier for our users to understand what our app is all about, we have started putting together a series of brief introductory videos, all aiming to highlight Canvy’s main feature set. We have also started assembling an FAQ section, where we’re constantly adding new topics as feedback from our users reaches us. Have a look at the video above and check out our FAQ for more in-depth information, tips and tricks for getting the most of your Canvy experience.